I always say, my job is to explain to the man on the street, what you mean as artist. In doing this for many years now, I learned to pinpoint what it is that makes you tick. To bring that to the forefront in your music is what it is all about. Good equipment is not what it is about. What did the Beatles record on? But it was about those songs... of yesterday... that is still applicable today.




Music is what it's all about


A good song can be accompanied on a piano, guitar, or a symphony orchestra. This is where success stars. With a song or music that appeals to people, an artist becomes an entertainer. Helping you to put all the different aspects of this wonderfully subjective world together, becomes footsteps of a journey.






"If you do what you were put on earth to do - you will be looked after"







Music producer, Marius Brouwer put together Pop Planet Studios in 1996. In this time he produced most of at least 220 Album recordings. Out of this came a SAMA award from 7 nominations,  a Geraas award,  1 ARTES nomination, including Best engineer, Best Pop-Album, Best Dance album, Song of the year & Best Original music for a TV special, and many SAMA awards & nominations for his artists.


He produced & recorded 70 different Top-10 hit singles over the past years, working in studios as far as Los Angeles..


Marius Brouwer, is classically trained and matriculated with grade 8 in 3 Music subjects in 1990. Working as a professional musician since the age of 19, he has more than 20 Years of extensive background in, music recording, album production, musical theatre and film scoring, and has a professional diploma in sound engineering.



Marius Brouwer Biography

The importance of a good Producer



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